Thursday, September 24, 2015

Track List - #totalrequestride, Wednesday, September 23, 2015

1. Uptown Funk (video) - Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars
2. Wildest Dreams (video) - Taylor Swift
3. Levels (video) - Nick Jonas
4. Dancing In The Dark (video) - Rihanna ("Home" Soundtrack)
5. Rotten To The Core (video) - Cast ("The Descendants" Soundtrack)
6. Low (video) - Todrick Hall
7. Gibberish - Max featuring Hoodie Allen
8. Talk To Me - Nick Brewer featuring Bibi Bourelly
9. Sugar - Robin Schulz featuring Francesco Yates
10. Show Me Love (remix) - Sam Feldt
11. Bring It Back - Shy Carter
Cool Down:
12. Can't Sleep Love - Pentatonix
13. Hold Each Other - A Great Big World featuring Futuristic
14. How Deep Is Your Love - Calvin Harris & Disciples

No (technical) glitches! Yes! This morning's #totalrequestride @crunchgym on Sunset was a blast! And on top of that, there were no technical glitches (neither caused by the user (me!) or those that are out of user control!) So a big "yay!" And yes, I am celebrating the fact that there were no technical glitches. Yes, glitches should be so rare that the lack of them should not be a reason to celebrate, but as most of you know by now, there is always something to celebrate! And isn't it much more fun to find the reasons to celebrate and then increase the happiness and positivity by sharing those reasons rather than focus on what can and does go wrong and bringing yourself and others down? It's very much like your workout. Instead of focusing on how difficult it can be or how much pain you go through when actually, physically going through your exercises, why not focus on the positive benefits of your workout? The results that you are going to or already have obtained? In my classes, you will often hear me talk of the positive aspects of class. And it is so important to feel the benefits of the positive energy that is created when you focus on the workout/the Ride along with everyone else in class instead of doing your own thing which very often can be very different from what the rest of the class is doing! That "doing your own thing" can be a huge distraction and can then be a very negative action. So, when everyone in class commits to the Ride/the workout, wouldn't you rather be a part of the positive energy and the positive change? Wouldn't you rather benefit from the positive energy and obtaining more results as a member of the class while making that commitment? I know I would. And I hope that the Ride with Tommy! riders would too! 'Cuz there is already so much in life that is out of our control and very often negative. Take every chance you get to focus on the positive. Celebrate the positive! See the glass as half full, not half empty! Share the positive with the people around you or the people that you meet everyday! Multiply that positive energy! It can spread exponentially! Wouldn't you rather be a part of something like that? You can! It's up to you! Just do it!

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