Thursday, September 24, 2015

Track List - Sexy Spin, Thursday, September 24, 2015

1. You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) - Sylvester
2. Trini Dem Girls - Nicki Minaj featuring LunchMoney Lewis
3. All We Need - Odesza featuring Shy Girls
4. Show Me Love (remix) - Sam Feldt
5. Bring It Back - Shy Carter
6. Levels - Nick Jonas
7. Gibberish - Max featuring Hoodie Allen
8. Talk To Me - Nick Brewer featuring Bibi Bourelly
9. Good For You (remix) - Selena Gomez
10. Emergency - Icona Pop
Cool Down:
11. What Do You Mean - Justin Bieber
12. Stiches - Shawn Mendes & Hailee Steinfeld
13. No Sleep (remix) - Janet Jackson

Out with the old! In with the new! Oldies but goodies! Everything old is new again. So many things can be classified as old or new. But so much of today's fresh and new music is built upon or shaped and formed by the music of the past. Whether old music is sampled in new songs, remixed or covered by today's new artists, there is no denying that the music of today can be strongly influenced by the music and artists of the past. This can also be applied to workouts. It seems that there is always a new and fresh take on an old workout. Whether it be spinning, weight training or body sculpting classes, gyms, trainers and instructors are always working to have the newest and shiniest trends offered in their classes or instructions. However, if you boil it down, there is often the very same basic principles at play. The tried and true basics. The time-tested methods. And I won't even go into the applications of this thought process to people other than to say that the young, fresh-faced, "wet behind the ears" generation can certainly benefit from the experience and knowledge of the people that came before them. So, I guess what I want someone to be able to take away from this "gibberish" that I'm spewing forth, is that once again, there is so much to celebrate in finding the positive and beneficial aspects present in life. The young, the new, the creative, the bold, the shocking, the older, the vintage, the antique: all of these are valuable, helpful, beneficial, great, awesome, fun and exciting! So have a blast in life celebrating all of the old that is new again. There is always a reason to celebrate. Whether that reason is brand new or recycled; just out of the box or closer to having a foot in the grave; bright and shiny or needing a gentle rub to discover the possibilities that lie underneath; just remember to celebrate! Your life will be much better for it. Just don't sit down and let it pass you by! Get up, get out and workout! Ride with Tommy! I hope to see you in class soon! Until then, in good health, tommy

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