Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Track List - #totalrequestride, Wednesday, September 2, 2015

1. Love Myself (video) - Hailee Steinfeld
2. Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)(video) - Silento
3. Drag Me Down (video) - One Direction
4. Wild Boys (video) - Duran Duran
5. Lay Me Down (remix) - Sam Smith featuring John Legend
6. Geronimo - Sheppard
7. Take Me Home - Wild Style (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, A.J.!)
8. B*@# I'm Madonna - Madonna featuring Nicki Minaj
9. King (remix) - Years & Years
10. Shut Up And Dance - Walk The Moon
Cool Down:
11. Lay Me Down - Sam Smith featuring John Legend
12. Bright - Echosmith
13. Take Your Time - Sam Hunt

Nothing like a commercial popping up in spin class! Yup, that's what happened today @crunchgym on Sunset! I was having some technical issues at home downloading videos to play in this morning's #totalrequestride. So, I thought, no big deal. I'll just play them directly off of Youtube during class. Well, there are several reasons why playing videos directly off of Youtube are less than ideal in a spin class, but the absolute worst has to be the occasional advertisement that is played at the beginning of every other video played on Youtube. Sure, you can skip some of the ads after 5 seconds. But needless to say, that doesn't do anything to contribute to the smooth and continuous play of music that is desired in an effective spin class. And I'm not even going to mention the fact that the commercial is for pizza! Ugh! True story! Oh well, you live and learn. And by being a part of a spin class, you will live longer. In my classes I hope every rider learns a little more about their body. A little more about how to workout properly. A little more about their goals and how best to reach them. So yes, we live and learn. It is my goal that in every Ride with Tommy! class, that everyone learns more about what can actually add to your length of life and to make that added time healthier and happier. So, I guess this is actually an advertisement for the Ride with Tommy! Not one for pizza, but an ad for a way to live longer, happier and healthier. That's all there is to it! That's all you have to do! See you in class soon! Until good health! tommy

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