Thursday, July 10, 2014

Track List - Sexy Spin, Thursday, July 10, 2014

1. Dare You (remix) - Hardwell
2. Birthday - Katy Perry
3. First Love - Jennifer Lopez
4. Suit & Tie - Justin Timberlake featuring Jay-Z
5. She Looks So Perfect - 5 Seconds Of Summer
6. Rude - Magic
7. Am I Wrong - Nico & Vinz
8. Deja Vu - Beyoncé featuring Jay-Z
9. Small Town Boy - Bronski Beat
10. Chandelier (remix) - Sia
11. Small Town Boy (reprise) - Jimmy Somerville
12. Not A Bad Thing - Justin Timberlake
13. On Top Of The World - Imagine Dragons

Like I said, "I'll be back." "I'm baaaaack!" "I'm back, back in the (LA) groove!" I had a great time on my vacation in Texas, but it also felt great to be back with all of you this morning! Thanks to all of you that were there in my first class back in over a week! I hope you all had a great time and great workouts with the amazing instructors that covered my classes while I was away. Thanks again to the incredible Guy Baruch, Amy Rollman, and Kyler Madeira! And speaking of backs, I had someone tell me that she had a problem with her back bothering her while in the Ride recently. And this brings up a very good point and the reason I talk so much about perfect form before, during and after class! Working out can be hard on your body. Any exercise program should always be done with the and after a consultation with your doctor. But that is not where your responsibility ends. And yes, I said "responsibility". It is your responsibility to not only get a medical clearance before starting a new or different workout routine, it is also your responsibility to do it right, to stay committed to doing your workouts in the proper way with the best form to have the safest experience and to get the most results. I don't talk so much about perfect form in class just to hear myself talk (contrary to what many believe or might say! lol!) I stress the importance of perfect form so that everyone - no matter your experience level or current physical condition - can obtain the best workout possible while obtaining as much of your own personal goals as possible. Now wouldn't that be awesome? To be able to have an intense workout that gets you the most results while being as safe as possible...and of course while having the most fun as well?!?! That is what I wish for everyone that takes my class. And that is why I feel so lucky to be able to provide an opportunity for each of you to do just that. So come Ride with me. Let's do this together. Let's make a difference. Let's make a positive change! I hope to see you soon in the Ride with Tommy! In good health, tommy

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