Saturday, July 26, 2014

Track List - Saturday, July 26, 2014

1. The Walker (remix) - Fitz And The Tantrums
2. On Top Of The World - Imagine Dragons
3. Love Runs Out - OneRepublic
4. Summer (remix) - Calvin Harris
5. What A Feeling (remix) - Alex Gaudino featuring Kelly Rowland
6. Not A Bad Thing - Justin Timberlake
7. Mmm Yeah - Austin Mahone featuring Pitbull
8. Party Ain't Over - Pitbull featuring Usher & Afrojack
9. Chandelier (remix) - Sia
10. When Love Takes Over (remix) - David Guetta featuring Kelly Rowland
11. Life Of The Party - Shawn Mendes
12. Human - Christina Perri

Beginners. Experienced Riders. People trying to lose weight. People trying to maintain. People trying to improve their overall cardiovascular fitness level. People just trying to get through a spin class. The Ride with Tommy! is for everyone. That doesn't mean that my class is primarily for beginners. It is my goal as an instructor to make everyone of my classes accessible and doable for beginners while making it as challenging as possible for experienced Riders. Dance. Pop. Hip hop. Alternative. R&B. I try to play music that is motivational and inspiring to everyone. I try to play a wide variety of music crossing many genres (while not straying too far from the mainstream) so that at least at one point during class, everyone could quite possible say to themselves, "Yeah! I LOVE this song!" Positive. Upbeat. Motivational. Inspiring. Challenging. Fun. I choose the songs used in my class specifically for the beat or the rhythm so that they can be applied effectively for a specific activity or challenge. I want the beat of the song to make the Rider want to work hard to get and stay on the rhythm, even - no, especially - when there is resistance on the bike. I want the Rider to have fun while undertaking intense challenges that push the heart rate up, burn calories, burn bodyfat, and even more importantly, strengthen muscles. I want the Rider to think back at the end of class and think, "Wow! Time really flew by! And I really gave it my all! I really accomplished something! I made a positive change or difference!" Form. Position. Safety. Movement. Focus. Energy. Dedication. Commitment. I stress the importance of proper form so much in class. I want every Rider to focus on correct form so that the Ride is efficient, focused, with as little risk of injury as possible. As the instructor, I have laid the groundwork. I have created the journey. I have provided the path. I provide verbal instruction and encouragement. I explain movements and form. I want the entire class to have the best Ride that is completely possible for everyone. I want everyone to push their limits. I want each Rider to exceed their expectations. I want each Rider to do more than they thought they could. So it is with all of this in mind that I approach every class. I have a great responsibility to bring a complete, thorough and successful product to the room. Yet, the success of each individual's Ride is still left up to that individual. This is the reason I encourage and motivate during the Ride. I bring as many tools as possible to the Ride so that everyone can have a successful Ride that brings them closer to achieving their own personal goals. But class is the most successful when each Rider commits to the journey, the proper form, the movement, and the intensity. Class is most successful when each Rider participates as a member of the group and not so much as an individual. It is a group fitness class after all. Together, we can accomplish so much. Together, we can make that positive difference. Together, we can reach goals. Together, we can have fun. This is what I wish for each Rider in the Ride with Tommy! In good health, tommy

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