Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Classes Cancelled at Crunch 9:00-12:00 due to Suspicious Package in Parking Garage

Unfortunately, these are the times in which we live. A suspicious package was reported in the parking garage of the complex at 8000 Sunset Boulevard. Therefore, not only Crunch, but all businesses in the complex were evacuated for several hours until the bomb threat could be resolved. Fortunately, it was resolved and found NOT to be a bomb. Thank goodness. But in the climate in which we now live, it is much better to be safe than sorry. I am sorry for everyone that was inconvenienced by this occurrance. I am disappointed because not only was my 9:30am #totalrequestride cancelled, but I was also subbing for Dani at 12:00noon and that class was cancelled, too! Well, the best thing is that everyone is safe and that there were no disasters or injuries or worse. I know many people were caught without their cars and clothes and ways to get to work for several hours. Thankfully, all is behind us and we are back on regular schedules and can get back to focusing on making positive changes in our bodies, improving our health, and making it possible to live longer, happier and healthier lives!

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