Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thanks to my amazing subs!

I just wanted to give another shout out to all the awesome and inspiring instructors who covered my classes while I was out of town last week: Nick, Ryan and Guy! Thanks so much to each of you for doing what you do so well!

I am back this week and so happy about it! I hope to see you in class!

I will be out of town again next week, but don't worry. I will have more of the same amazing instructors to take great care of you while I am away. You know me well enough by now that I won't just leave you guys with anyone. I take great care in leaving you guys in the best possible hands.

Crunch is famous for its classes! Crunch is also (and really the reason for that success) famous for its amazing instructors! I am so lucky to be able to rely on such talented people with such a passion for teaching!

So thanks again to Nick, Ryan and Guy! And thanks to everyone who stayed committed to their workout routines and supported these amazing guys!

In good health!


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