Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sexy Artist Spins in February: Shane Mack

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays @ 9:30am
Thursdays @ 6:30am (*Sexy Spin!)

(Miracle Mile location)

Tuesdays @ 6:30am

I'm so excited to have the very talented and sexy Shane Mack joining us for this week's Sexy Artist Spin! He certainly exemplifies both the words sexy and artist. I think he is a little bit John Mayer, maybe a little bit James Taylor, but definitely an amazing voice in his own right. And his lyrics are also amazing. I'm going to throw in a few of Shane's songs in class to get our hearts pumping, to get us sweatin', and to get us all hot - yes, I'm still talking about his music! Shane will be in class spinning right along with us, so I hope you can all make it there as well!

Get up early, get your workout out of the way, and feel better about facing the rest of your day. Get an intense cardio workout. Get exposed to an artist you may not now about...yet! And as always, have a little fun while doing it.

Shane will be playing live at Genghis Cohen (at Fairfax and Melrose) at 9pm on Wednesday, February 21st. Don't miss out on this opportunity to support one of our sexy artists! For more information about this performance and all that is going on with Shane, be sure to check out his myspace page by clicking on his picture!

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