Saturday, June 09, 2012

Track List - LA Pride Edition, Saturday, June 9, 2012

1. Freedom 90 - George Michael
2. Pride (A Deeper Love) - C+C Music Factory
3. Glamorous vs. Vogue (remix mashup) - DJ Manny Lehman featuring Fergie & Madonna
4. Proud - Heather Small
5. Firework (remix) - Katy Perry
6. Pride (In The Name Of Love)(remix) - U2
7. I Got My Pride - Barry Harris featuring Pepper Mashay
8. True Colors - Glee Cast

Once again this year, I am playing songs that I feel help support and motivate everyone riding in class this morning. Hoping to support the feelings of equality and pride in everyone regardless of their background or orientation. And hoping to motivate not only in class but outside as well as we encounter each other on the street, in our schools, in our churches...and of course, in our gyms to realize that we are all deserving of happiness, love, and health and to do what we can to uphold, encourage and strengthen each other in our own personal journeys. Happy pride!

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