Saturday, April 02, 2011

Track List - Saturday, April 2, 2011

1. One More Dance! (mashup) - DJ Robin Skouteris featuring Daft Punk, Madonna & Sean Kingston
2. Moment 4 Life (remix) - Nicki Minaj featuring Drake
3. Where You At (remix) - Jennifer Hudson
4. Give Me Everything (remix) - Pitbull featuring Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer
5. Believe Or Not (mashup) - DJ Robin Skouteris featuring Cher, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, etc.
6. Next To You - Chris Brown featuring Justin Bieber
7. Born To Express Love (mashup) - DJ Robin Skouteris featuring Lady Gaga, Madonna & David Guetta
8. More (remix) - Usher
9. The Missing One (mashup) - DJ Robin Skouteris featuring Everything But The Girl, Radiohead, Faithless, etc.

And I need to mention at this time that I have been using a mashup by a dj whose name I have been posting incorrectly. The awesome mashup is "When I Love You Oughta Know" by DJ Maya Jakobson (I incorrectly listed the last name as Jackson). So now go visit her page at and listen to her talent!

p.s. I LOVE it when the dj or artist of a song, remix or mashup sends me a comment! I want them to know that I love their stuff and that I am doing my best to share it with my classes. Share the love and talent and support!


Unknown said...

Hey Tommy :)
I keep forgetting telling you this..
It's a spelling thing - my last name is Jakobson - and not Jackson : )
I'm talking about my mashup:
"When I Love You Oughta Know (mashup) - DJ Maya Jackson featuring David Guetta, Justin Timberlake & Alanis Morissette"

thank you and love your blog : ))

Tommy said...

hi maya! omg i'm so sorry for posting your name incorrectly! thanks so much for correcting me! i absolutely LOVE your mashup, and i've heard that several in my class like it as well! thanks for sharing your talent!

Unknown said...

It's nothing.. it's all cool : ))
Thank you... i'm really flattered :)))
I'll send you my next mashup when it's done.
Have a great week..

musication4u said...

I love DJ Maya's mixes and mashups! I have a request from one of her mixes..."Lust Vs. Madonna Human Nature".. love it...
You always play the best music Tommy!!

Unknown said...

Hi Tommy,
Here's my new mashup -
hope you'll like it :)

Download link:

Maya Jakobson

Tommy said...

thanks maya! awesome!