Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Free Spin Class with Jeremy at Updog Fitness Tonight! Half Price Class and Special Offer from Barry's Bootcamp!

Only 3 more days until Crunch is back open better than ever after having poured $1,000,000 into making it so much better based on your suggestions! I hope to see you in the 2nd Ride class offered in the “new” Crunch on Saturday morning at 9:30am!

Until then, I hope you have stayed committed to fitness and your own workouts. And I hope you have taken advantage of this opportunity to be creative in your workouts and come up with some alternatives to the usual to help keep you motivated or even inspired you to commit at an even higher level!

So, I hope some of you took advantage of the free spin class on Monday night at Updog Fitness. My friend Jeremy was unable to teach that night, but Updog still honored their commitment to offering you a free class. Jeremy has assured me that he will be teaching tonight at 7:45, so I am making plans to attend. I hope to see you there! Come join me, won’t you?!?!

At this time, I’d also like to introduce you to another amazing offer from Barry’s Bootcamp! From today through Friday (the day before Crunch reopens!), you can take any 1 (one) class for half price ($10)! And you can also buy a series of 5 classes at $20 off or 25% off the regular price (that’s $65 instead of the usual $85)! I’m going to try to take one tomorrow afternoon, so email me or check my blog/facebook posts if you want to join me! Again, I hope to see you there! Come join me, won’t you?!?!

And I hope you were able to take advantage of the workouts Crunch provided at Runyon Canyon and Plummer Park. The complete schedule is posted below and on my facebook page.

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