Thursday, March 04, 2010

Red Line Ride featured as a Case Study on Suunto's International Website!

As most of you who have taken one of my classes are aware, we are using a new technology from a company called Suunto in the Red Line Ride, a heart rate based training program currently offered at Crunch. Suunto is a world-wide company specializing in sports precision instruments that help athletes at all levels analyze and improve their performance. Crunch was the first place in the world where this program was offered as part of an indoor cycling class.

If you haven't heard, the Red Line Ride is where you can purchase or loan a heart rate monitor from Crunch, wear it during a Ride (indoor cycling) class, and see your heart rate projected on a screen at the front of the class (under a nickname so no one else has to know exactly what you are doing!) It is an excellent way to see how your heart rate is really affected by the activity that you are doing during a Ride class. You can see your heart rate go up and down. You can see the zone or percentage range of your estimated maximum heart rate in which you are working. You can get an idea of how many total calories you burn in a class.

Suunto recently contacted me and had me provide them with answers to their questions as well as my opinions on how the program was going. Suunto has featured this information about Crunch's Red Line Ride as a case study on their website. Be sure to check it out to learn more about one of the most exciting classes currently offered at Crunch on Sunset!

To read about this case study, visit Suunto's website by clicking here!

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