Thursday, October 24, 2013

Track LIst - Sexy Spin, Thursday, October 24, 2013

1. Flesh For Fantasy - Billy Idol
2. Got To Be Real - Mary J. Blige featuring Will Smith
3. Believe Or Not (mashup) - DJ Robin Skouteris featuring Cher, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, etc.
4. Love Train - IDMC Gospel Choir
5. Love Is Alive - Anastacia & Vonda Shepard
6. The Glamorous Life - T Funk featuring Inaya Day
7. We Are Axel F's Internet Friends (mashup) - DJ Schmolli featuring Harold Faltermeyer, Basement Jaxx, Madonna & Linkin Park
8. If I Could Turn Back Time (remix) - Cher
9. I Just Wanna F*@kin' Dance - Jerry Springer The Opera
10. S&M/Rocketeer/Tonight (mashup) - Laura Zocca
11. Holding Out For A Hero - Ella Mae Brown

This morning's class was a great big celebration! Not only did we celebrate the fact that we were all physically and mentally there in class and able to work out and challenge ourselves as much as we possibly can (which is a fact that we should never take for granted!), we also celebrated some lifetime milestones of a few Ride with Tommy! regulars! Happy birthday to Maureen! Maureen has celebrated at least 8 birthdays with the Ride with Tommy! And she has even celebrated a few anniversaries of her 36-year marriage to her husband Larry with us! And speaking of anniversaries, Phil and Allison will be celebrating theirs before too long as they just recently were engaged! How great is that!?!? Thanks to Maureen, Phil and Allison for sharing their very special milestones with us, and I wish you all many many more years of love and happiness and health!

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