Thursday, March 14, 2013

Here is the list of amazingly talented instructors subbing for the Ride with Tommy! March 13-16, 2013

Thanks to all the amazing instructors who are covering my classes for me while I am out of town:

Wednesday, March 13, 9:30am - Matt Conrad
Thursday, March 14, 7:00am - Brian Patacca
Friday, March 15, 9:30am - Christina Fulton (this will be a regular ride, not a Red Line Ride!)
Saturday, March 16, 9:30am - Guy B.*

I will be back in the instructor saddle and looking forward to seeing you all on Monday, March 18th at 9:30am for the next Red Line Ride!

*Saturday, Crunch will be honoring and celebrating the life of DaVid Brainin, a colleague and team member who recently passed away. All proceeds of personal training sessions booked on this day will go to a fund to help provide for the family he left behind. Donations can also be made after all Ride and other group fitness classes on Saturday. I am so sorry to miss this opportunity to pay tribute to an amazing trainer and instructor. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

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