Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Also for all of you that attended the Extra Special Sexy Spin class last Thursday, May 27th that promoted those riding in the California AIDS LifeCycle 9, you know that you received a free sample of Gotein Protein to Go! protein supplement drink. I am not getting a "kick back" or anything of the sort from this, it is just a product that I came across on the Yahoo home page a couple of weeks ago, kind of by mistake! I ordered the free sample, and then I got to thinking, this would be a perfect product to offer the riders in Sexy Spin! I was so impressed with the product primarily because protein shakes are typically somewhat time-intensive and involve a lot of clean-up. This product isn't and doesn't! You just open the packet and pour it into your water bottle, shake and drink! When I tasted it, I knew that they were on to something because it tasted great! So, I am excited about it, and just wanted to pass it along to all of you. If you drink protein shakes, here is an option for a quick, easy, simple product that may help you meet your fitness and dietary goals. If I can help you achieve your goals in any way, then I am happy!

If you want to order more, please click on the image below to visit the Gotein website. Follow the instructions to receive a free sample or to purchase an order. AND, as a bonus to Sexy Spin riders, you can receive $5 off your order! Just remember to enter the promo code CRUNCH! Each box of 12 packets usually costs about $25, so you can get yours for only $20! And there is free shipping when you order 3 boxes! Thanks to Gotein for supporting the Ride with Tommy! and the California AIDS LifeCycle 9!

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