Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Extra Special Sexy Spin This Thursday, May 27, 2010 7:00am!

It's that time again where I put together a special class. It's sort of a "Thank you!" for everyone who regularly spins with me, but it is also a way to kind of mix things up and keep it exciting. Once again, the ride will be the same intense ride that you have come to expect. I will still focus on correct form. And I will, as always, play a variety of fun and motivational music.

However, this time and as always in these special classes, there will be special guests riding in class. I will play special music (even more special than usual!) And there will be gift bags for everyone in class. And we will draw bike numbers at the end of class to give away a few special prizes.

And as always, when we have this much fun, I like to bring attention to a worthwhile cause. This time, we will hopefully be raising the awareness of the California AIDS LifeCycle Ride to End AIDS! More specifically, I want to give as much attention and support to Crunch members, Ride with Tommy! regulars, and friends that are taking part in the ride.

Below, see the links to individual riders and the companies that have helped make the prizes and gift bags so awesome!

Jason Walker
Steve Hasley
Brian Worley
Gloria Edel
Adam Hann
Christian Roedel
David Rae
Justin Cummings
Jirka Ambroz
Rasmus Dixen
Jeremy Blacklow

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