Thursday, July 02, 2009

My Vacation Continues...

Well, my return to Crunch after my vacation to Chicago was short-lived. I taught on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, but I am leaving again for the 4th of July weekend to attend a family reunion in Texas. I apologize for the short notice, but my plans changed last minute, and I didn't let you all know in as much advance as I normally do.

Here are my subs:

Thursday, 7:00am - Edward Pagac
Friday, 9:30am - John Terlingo
Saturday, 9:30am - Guy B

Thanks to Guy and Nick for covering my classes last week while I was in Chicago! And thanks to Edward, John and Guy for covering my classes at kind of the last minute this week!

I will be back and teaching the Red Line Ride on Monday, July 6th at 9:30am! I hope to see you then!

In good health,


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