Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sexy Spin - The LifeCycle Edition

This morning's class - in addition to focusing on fun, form and the usual intense cardio workout - also focused attention on 3 men (2 of which are regulars to class and the 3rd happens to be my roommate) who have committed the time and effort to ride in this year's Aids LifeCycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise money and awareness for HIV/Aids research. Whew! That is no small statement! And it is no small commitment from these guys. In addition to the physical training to prepare for the 545 mile ride and the time they must devote to the ride itself including the time they have to take off from work, they have committed to raising a minimum of $2,500 - which is no small task! That is why I hope to help them - in some small way - raise as much as they can for this amazing cause and for their extreme selflessness and dedication to doing something that has such an impact. Please visit their individual web pages and donate as much as you can to help them in their quest. Thank you for your help!

LK Avelar
Christoph Babka
Dwayne Landry

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